Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Body Image and Fitness

Check this out - it really puts "fitness" and body image in perspective.

At first glance, you might not think this item has much to do with fitness writing and publicity. But it does.

Why not use the concept behind this New York Times piece as a jumping off point to garner media attention in your community? Start a discussion about what a fit body looks like.

Are you a trainer who believes that the average person can't be "fit" and "fat"?

Or do you support the viewpoint that fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes?

The Olympics are big news right now. Take advantage of this news hook to promote your own services and/or to inspire more people to get active.

And feel free to post your comments on fitness and body image here, too. I wrote my Master's thesis in human kinetics on body image and the role of the fitness instructor. So I'm curious about your take on body image in the fitness industry.


SG Human Performance said...

Nice post! I like the idea and need to think about ways to instruct how my people look at themselves. We want our people to be fit for their lifestyles? You are only as fit as you feel not how you look? Hmmmmm. Good idea and I will need to think more on this.

theoddbod said...

while I do agree that fit people can come in all shapes and sizes. These people are not your run of the mill clients...28 beats per minute resting heart rate, thats unreal! Pretty incredible what some of these athletes are capable of.