Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Recycle Your Media Promotion

A Different Perspective

What’s your Unique Selling Position (USP)? This is what sets you apart from other fitness pros who offer stuff that’s similar to what you offer.

I bring up USP because my new CD has a strong one that’ll help you stand out as a high-caliber fitness pro, one who can confidently charge top fees while choosing only the clients you want to work with most.

The CD’s USP?

An insider’s perspective on how to make the most of your media promotion (i.e., articles you write and/or publicity you get). It’s called 30 Ways to Keep Profiting from Your Free Media Promotion.

As a fitness pro, I’ve received publicity that I’ve promptly recycled in the gym and online. But lots of other fitness pros have done that, too.

What they haven’t done is sat on this side of the media fence. As a fitness writer/editor, I’ve got a unique insider’s take on the best way for you to maximize and seek out valuable media promotion. The more you see what really works, the better you can succeed with your fitness career.

Yes, other fitness pros offer advice about media relations. Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of some well-meaning but misguided suggestions about how to work with the media.

Contrary to the tips you might have heard:

  • Members of the media do not enjoy being added to trainers’ client newsletter lists. Please ask for our permission! If you do send your newsletter unsolicited, we probably won’t read it (and we might even block your emails).

  • We don’t want you to send your website url unsolicited, inviting us to “have a look around.” Just tell us which web page to look at, and why.

  • You must give us a decent reason to mention your website in an article that quotes you. If we don’t include your web address, it’s nothing personal. Just make yourself easy to track down on the Internet. I’ve had readers of Cooking Light search for me through Google just to ask who made the shoes that appeared in a photo next to my article. If readers really want to find you, they will.

  • We know that an advertorial by or about you is not editorial content or true publicity. It’s an ad.

You see, it helps to have inside guidance about which direction to take. So consider my new CD your guide to presenting yourself as an outstanding professional, happily growing a fitness business with smart marketing.

As a media insider, I fill you in on such things as:

  • The “hidden” publicity opportunity at many major magazines.

  • How to stretch one article or media interview into ongoing promotion (and paychecks).

  • What reporters look for online that most fitness pros overlook.

There are 30 tips in all (plus 2 bonuses). Find out what they are here.