Friday, April 4, 2008

CBS Story: "Personal Trainers Ungoverned"

Do You Think This Is Fair?

I often talk about how publicity helps fitness pros gain credibility. But this TV story may do the opposite!

Is this the type of press coverage you want our industry to be receiving? How can you offer a different perspective to media outlets near you?

Check out this CBS story that questions the fitness industry's credibility. What do you think? Is the reporting in this piece fair?

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Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement said...

The video brings to light a few good points but it is easy to find extreme cases in any profession.

Rick Kaselj

Amanda Vogel said...

I've contributed to three online discussions about this CBS story so far. A lot of fitness pros seem to be in line with the story.

My impression, as someone who works in the media as a fitness writer, is that this reporting was one-sided. It's the classic "horror" story about what can go terribly wrong - in some situations and some of the time.

Yes, there was truth to it, but the story wasn't an example of balanced reporting. I imagine that wasn't the intention behind this piece.

I am curious, though, to know if other fitness pros in Canada (or countries other than the States) see a lack of certification to be such a major issue.

Amanda Vogel

Anonymous said...

This, in my opinion , is irresponsible reporting.I don't know about the U.S, but I do know that Personal Trainers in Canada are well regulated and certainly do not become certified in one day.
The reporter only mentioned extreme cases. what about the thousands of people whose lives have been positvely affected by their personal trainers. I guess CBS is only interested in negative stories; perhaps that draws in more viewers.

Anonymous said...

It is extreme, but my blood turned cold with both stories. It is fact after all. I am a PT. You would never put (thinking of the lady), her through her initial sessions in such an intense way. I'm UK based, we are regulated - you might be able to get on line certification here - I don't know. On the other hand - don't necessarily assume that only those with a degree can do a really good job. I have a diploma and have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to helping many, many individuals to greater health, safely and without incidence. Its a tricky one for sure.

Anonymous said...

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Amanda Vogel said...

Hi Alex,

I just tested the link and it worked. Here it is again.