Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Virtual Fitness Conference

I recently presented a session at FitComXpo about scoring publicity for your fitness business and writing fitness articles for profit and promotion.

Since then, I've been busy loading tons of sessions into my iPod. I like to listen while I walk my dog, Rufus.

Here are my impressions of just some of the presentations I've listened to so far:

  • Todd Durkin and Tom Terwilliger are very compelling speakers
  • Helene Byrne offered an amazing amount of expertise about pre/postnatal fitness
  • Celebrity trainer Valerie Waters provided some great workout ideas and insight for training women
  • Scott Tousignant and Noel Lyons gave me some great ideas and leads for improving my online presence
  • Nicki Anderson is a true professional - I always enjoy her sessions
  • Mike Boyle delivered a very informative session on the advantages of interval training

My session was called The Inside Scoop! Achieving Success with Publicity & Fitness Articles. (Check the Networking Forum at FitComXpo for the correct link to download my session recording and Power Point slides.)

True, the live event has come and gone. But you can still gain access to all the sessions I mentioned above and dozens more. Oh, and I hear more live events are still being scheduled.

Visit the official event site to check out the exciting line-up of sessions.

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